When Oakham Ales was founded back in 1993 the brewing world was different!


We weren’t the first brewery to introduce light, hoppy beers to the UK but we were amongst the first to pioneer the use of hops from the USA and the New World.


But it didn’t end there! Ever more trailblazing beers evolve through our “drinks good … must be good” strategy.


And it’s not just the hops. We use only Maris Otter malt – for 50 years the unchallenged “King of Malts”.


Welcome to Oakham Ales and the exuberant styles that make our award-winning beers so distinctive!

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Experimentals Vol. 2


Style: Experimental Ale
ABV: 4.4%
Colour: Gold
Hops: CF182 (UK), Cashmere (USA), Moutere (NZ)
Malts: Maris Otter and Wheat Malt
Allergens: Contains Gluten

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