Wanted (4.2%)


We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be brewing two “Collab” beers this year with our friends from Ossett Brewery up in West Yorkshire.

Founded in 1998, Ossett celebrated their 25th Anniversary in 2023 and have built a great reputation for beers such as White Rat, Silver King and Voodoo.

The first of the two beers will be “Wanted”, a 4.2% session IPA brewed here at Oakham in April for release in May.

To complete the teamwork, the name for “Wanted” was suggested by Marija Manko, one of the Stamford College design students who worked on the imagery for our November seasonal beer “King at Arms”.

Punchily hopped with Mosaic, Amarillo and Harlequin in the Oakham tradition.

A 5.0% IPA called “Enchanted” will follow, brewed at Ossett for release in December.

Neither beer is to be missed!

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Brew Sheet

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