Small batch beers brewed at The Brewery Tap, Westgate, Peterborough.

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Westgate Small Batch

When ever increasing demand for the Oakham beers led to the opening of our new Woodston brewery in 2006, we reconfigured the Brewery Tap brew pub in Westgate (Peterborough) to feature a shiny new 6 BB small batch plant.

This opened in 2008 and was used extensively to brew some iconic Oakham “Oakademy” brews until some technical issues led to it being mothballed in 2014.

With Oakham’s 30th Anniversary coming up next year, we’ve made the exciting decision to get the Westgate Brewery back on stream.

And our brewers are already planning a series of stunning new small batch beers to be brewed at Westgate throughout 2023.

Keep a careful eye out for announcements about them on our website and social media 

They’ll be one-off, limited edition and very special beers with just 24 x 9g available from each batch.

Westgate brewery Westgate brewery

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