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Light gold in colour and distinctively smooth, with citrus fruitiness and a refreshing hoppy finish.

JHB was the first beer brewed when Oakham Ales was founded in September 1993 and was voted CAMRA “Supreme Champion Beer of Britain” in 2001.

We’ve nurtured and improved the recipe ever since, dramatically increasing the amount of hops we use in line with changing consumer tastes. There were 0.6 lbs of hops per brewery barrel in the original recipe (a huge amount for the time) whilst we now use around 1.5lbs.

The idea behind the name?

Sir Jeffrey Hudson, also known as “Lord Minimus”, was an adventurer, courtier and duellist in the service of King Charles I. Born in Oakham (Rutland), he was only 3′ 6″ tall but his modest strength was more than made up for in character – just like the beer we named after him.

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2023 - Gold - SIBA East, Cask British Bitters
2022 - Silver - CAMRA East Anglia, Session Pale, Blonde & Golden Ales
2018 - Silver - CAMRA East Anglia, Golden Ales
2012 - Bronze - International Beer Challenge
2010 - Gold - SIBA East, Bitters
2007 - Gold - SIBA Beer of East Anglia
2006 - Silver - SIBA East, Bitters
2005 - Bronze - Champion Beer of Britain, Golden Ales
2004 - Silver - Champion Beer of Britain, Bitters
2002 - Bronze - Champion Beer of Britain, Bitters
2001 - Gold - Supreme Champion Beer of Britain
1999 - Silver - Supreme Champion Beer of Britain
1998 - Silver - Champion Beer of Britain, Bitters

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