Two New Cask Aged Beers!

We’ve not let lockdown prevent the release of two brand new cask aged beers this week!

Oakham brewer Ed Sharman has sampled both of them and here are his tasting notes.

Would Be Kings (5.0%) – a superb Strong Pale Ale

Fresh pear aromas with hints of white grape lead to fresh red berry flavours and a really refreshing summertime vibe.

A clean bitterness and smooth mouthfeel complete another outstanding cask aged beer.”

Obsidian Order (6.2%) – a smooth Black IPA

“Kicking off with rhyming aromas of coffee and toffee with hints of citrus pine in the background.

On the palate the coffee/toffee flavours are enriched by hints of dark chocolate and caramel interspersed with a fresh citrus zing.

Balanced, smooth and incredibly drinkable and refreshing for a 6.2% ABV beer”

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