Superdelic™ – Brewer’s Notes

When we decided to brew a single hop varietal beer with the fantastic new Kiwi hop Superdelic™, Oakham brewer Olly Jones was determined to extract every last ounce of aroma and flavour from the hop.

As Olly says, we’re famous as a leaf hop brewer at Oakham and our aim here has always been “everything from the leaf.”

But Superdelic™ really is something unique and special, so he set his mind to making some tweaks to the brewing process in order to realise the variety’s full potential.

“I decided to use the Hopback as effectively a giant “Hop Tea” with our actual Hop Tea being used to make sure that the hops were fully separated – vital to ensure that the wonderfully aromatic hop oils in Superdelic™ would be fully accessed in the Hopback.

In the Hopback we used hot liquor (at about 75C) rather than boiling wort and we think that worked brilliantly.

Superdelic™ is exactly the beer we hoped it would be when we first decided to use the hop and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!”

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