Huell Melon – Our Brewers Speak!

Head Brewer Alex Kean and Brewer Ed Sharman write about brewing and tasting our latest seasonal beer – Huell Melon.

“We’ve been wanting to brew with the German hop variety Huell Melon for a while, having heard some glowing reports about its potential.

A daughter hop of Cascade (the main hop in Bishops Farewell), Huell Melon was first released as an experimental hop in 2012 but until this year we haven’t been able to get hold of enough of it to brew the single hop seasonal beer we had in mind.

We haven’t been disappointed to say the least.

As we opened the foil bags and stuck our faces in, we were hit by waves of melon and a floral sweetness. And as the hop tea was filled before the boil, the entire brewhouse was permeated by the pleasing smell of fresh melon.

At once we were transported to a golden beach, a gentle breeze and turquoise seas lapping upon the shore!

You get the idea, anyway!

Most importantly though, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

The beer is pale gold in colour, with aromas of, you guessed it, melon. More melon on the palate along with plenty of strawberry; combined with the soft, buttery mouthfeel.

Very drinkable indeed!”

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