Pub Shutdown Checklist

With it looking increasingly likely that pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants are going to have to close for an extended period of time due to the COVID-19 situation, our friends at Cask Marque have put together this useful checklist.

A great help in ensuring that draught dispense systems, bar and cellar equipment and your premises are kept in optimum condition throughout this unprecedented set of circumstances.

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Elephant in the Kanha – Brewers’ Notes

Our latest Cask Aged Beer “Elephant in the Kanha” (5.2% ABV) is now available to order.

A smooth, New England IPA, this is what the Oakham brewing team had to say about it:-

Ed Sharman has tasted the beer and says:-

“We’re very pleased with how it’s turned out. The sweetness is bold but not cloying and the Belma and Cashmere hops provide plenty of accompanying fruit – think tangerine and watermelon – with just enough bitterness to balance it all out. And the mouthfeel is smooth and full, thanks to the large dose of flaked and malted oats in the grist bill and the residual sugars left after fermentation.”

Oakham Production Director John Bryan added “I first came across the Belma hop variety  on my 2011 hop sourcing trip to the USA . It was relatively new then and I was excited enough by its potential to get hold of a small quantity and brew a single hop beer “Baby Belma” with it on my return. To be honest, a lot of the exciting aromas and flavour characteristics that I’d identified in the variety seemed to have flattened off a bit by the time the batch arrived in the UK and “Baby Belma” was a decent beer without being one of our best. So I left Belma alone until last year’s trip when I was encouraged to give it another go and was blown away by the way that it had developed. As Ed says, it displays loads of fruity hop aromas and flavours and seemed well worth another go. It works superbly with another relatively new hop, Cashmere and a couple of our trusty “go to” hops, Willamette and Centennial. What we were aiming for was the softer flavours and mouth feel that are typical of many New England IPA’s and I think that’s what we’ve achieved with Elephant in the Kanha” – Alex and his brewing team have done a great job.”

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New College Stamford

Great to see the Level 3 Graphic Design students from New College Stamford at the brewery last week along with course leader Pamela Mairs.

Pamela ran a “Live Brief” project with the group last year to come up with designs and names for our November 2020 seasonal beer.

The winning design was “Cosmic Jellyfish” by Jordan Griffiths – congratulations to Jordan who we hope will give us a hand when we brew his beer in October!

As our Brewing Director John Bryan commented, there were also some great designs from the rest of the group – all of them interesting, imaginative and well drawn.

Cosmic Jellyfish (4.0% ABV) will be released for sale in late October/early November. A refreshing light golden beer featuring two of our favourite Slovenian hops – Wolf and Savinjski Goldings.

Click here for a short video of the visit

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Elephant in the Kanha

Our latest Cask Aged Beer “Elephant in the Kanha” (5.2% ABV) is now available to order.

Hopped with Willamette, Belma, Cashmere and Centennial – all from the USA.

A smooth, slightly hazy New England IPA with citrus lemon, lime and melon flavours and herbal/floral notes.

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Experimentals Vol 2

Our latest seasonal beer “Experimentals Vol 2” will be available from 27 February.

Featuring 3 experimental hops we’re excited about using for the first time.

CF182 from the UK, Cashmere from the USA and Moutere from New Zealand.

We’re expecting a fresh, fruity, powerful golden beer – look out for our brewers’ detailed tasting notes when the beer is racked.

One batch only – get your order in!

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Khyber Pass Now Available!

The latest batch of Khyber Pass has now been declared ready for sale by the Oakham brewing team

Brewer Ed Sharman sent these tasting notes – straight from the brewer’s mouth so to speak!

“Sweet, biscuity aromas with pithy citrus notes. Flavour is full-on orange marmalade, the proper bitter kind that leaves you with bits of peel stuck in your teeth. Smooth body, other fruity notes provided by plenty of ester formation during fermentation and a pleasing bitter finish.”

First brewed in 2005, Khyber Pass returned in 2019 with an updated recipe featuring 100% British hops – Fuggles and Goldings are joined by the exciting new variety – Harlequin.


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Huell Melon – Our Brewers Speak!

Head Brewer Alex Kean and Brewer Ed Sharman write about brewing and tasting our latest seasonal beer – Huell Melon.

“We’ve been wanting to brew with the German hop variety Huell Melon for a while, having heard some glowing reports about its potential.

A daughter hop of Cascade (the main hop in Bishops Farewell), Huell Melon was first released as an experimental hop in 2012 but until this year we haven’t been able to get hold of enough of it to brew the single hop seasonal beer we had in mind.

We haven’t been disappointed to say the least.

As we opened the foil bags and stuck our faces in, we were hit by waves of melon and a floral sweetness. And as the hop tea was filled before the boil, the entire brewhouse was permeated by the pleasing smell of fresh melon.

At once we were transported to a golden beach, a gentle breeze and turquoise seas lapping upon the shore!

You get the idea, anyway!

Most importantly though, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

The beer is pale gold in colour, with aromas of, you guessed it, melon. More melon on the palate along with plenty of strawberry; combined with the soft, buttery mouthfeel.

Very drinkable indeed!”

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