Hop Slam!

The latest addition to our cask aged range is out now.

El Dorado Simcoe (5.0%)

No shortage of tropical fruit hop flavours in this new USA hopped pale.

Bucketsful (literally) of El Dorado and Simcoe (plus some Centennial) backed up by Maris Otter pale malt and plenty of Golden Oats.

Expect lots of juicy fruit and a soft, pillowy mouthfeel.

Also available in unfiltered cans and kegs.

Click here for more details.

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John Bryan – 25 Years

Our very own hop maestro and all round brewing legend John Bryan celebrates 25 years at Oakham Ales on Friday.

John started with us on 16 October 1995 and his inspired brewing has given us Citra, Green Devil and dozens of other great beers.

We’ll let you judge from the photos whether it’s done him much good!

Click HERE for more about John’s USA Hop Adventures.

And HERE for a video of John Hop Diving.

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Two New Limited Edition Unfiltered Beers!

We’ve got two exciting new limited edition unfiltered beers coming your way in mid October /early November.

Both available in 440ml cans and 30L kegs with cask aged versions to follow in late November/early December.

  • EL DORADO SIMCOE (5.0%) – Hop Slam (Available 19 October)

Q. Hop Slam?

A. A combination of two beers, one brewed with leaf hop and one with T90 hop pellets before the two are blended together to give a flamboyant slam of hop flavours.

Brewed with El Dorado and Simcoe (plus some Centennial) and left unfiltered for maximum taste, aroma and mouthfeel.

The unfiltered canned version of our El Dorado Simcoe cask aged beer – cask El Dorado Simcoe will be on sale from November 25 2020.

Colour: Cloudy Gold. Hops: El Dorado, Simcoe, Centennial (all USA). Malts: Maris Otter,Wheat Malt, Light Crystal Malt, Golden Naked Oats and Malted Oats. Allergens: Contains Gluten

  • BLACK MAGIC (5.0%) – Chocolate Porter (Available 2 November)

Flavoured with Cholaca (100% pure cacao) and hopped with Cascade on top of a complex base of 7 different malts.

Robust and rich, dark and decadent and supernaturally smooth.

The unfiltered canned version of our Black Magic cask aged beer – cask Black Magic will be on sale from November 25 2020.

Hops: Cascade (USA). Malts: Maris Otter, Caramalt, Malted Oats, Wheat Malt, Dark Crystal Malt, Carafa Special 3. Other Ingredients: Cholaca (100% Pure Cacao). Allergens: Contains Gluten and Lactose (Milk)


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