Dr Jekyll


Our first seasonal beer of 2022 will be “Dr Jekyll” (2.8%).

Light in alcohol yet with plenty of body and full of tropical hop flavours.

Ideal for an almost dry January!

Drink this 2.8% ABV light session ale and stay calm and collected like Dr Jekyll.

Try its alter ego beer “Mr Hyde” (6.5%) from our cask aged range and discover your shocking inner devil!

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Frozen Fresh Hop Citra

We brewed an Oakham Green Hop Ale using UK sourced hops back in 2013.

But producing one with our signature US hops has never been an option due to the impossibility of getting freshly harvested “green” hops from the US to the UK quickly enough to brew with – they need to be used within a matter of hours of being picked.

That was until now.

Our agents for Citra hops announced earlier this year that they would be sending freshly harvested “green” Citra to the UK this autumn in “Frozen Fresh Hop” format.

These are raw, un-kilned whole cone hops that are flash frozen within a few hours of being picked in order to preserve the natural qualities of freshly harvested hops.

And as the first UK brewer to brew with Citra back in 2009, we were chosen as one of the select few to receive an allocation of Frozen Fresh Hop Citra.

The hops arrived at the brewery on Thursday 18th just in time for us to thaw them out on our brewhouse gantry and brew with them on Friday 19th November.

“Frozen Fresh Hop Citra” (4.8%) is the result and we can now confirm that it will be available from Monday 6 December.

We can’t wait to see how this one pans out, to compare it to its kiln-dried cousin and of course to hear what our customers think of it.


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Harlequin T90


A new British IPA showcasing Harlequin, the most exciting of the new wave of UK hop varieties, on a base of top notch East Anglian Maris Otter malt.

Rich fruity hop aromas with hints of honey and light caramel notes. Masses of grapefruit and hints of fresh peach on the palate balanced by a smooth and silky mouthfeel and an enticing, long lasting bitterness.


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Sikandar – Cask and Cans


Sikandar, the man who became King.

An ardently brewed, full bodied, copper coloured Oakham antidote to the disappointments of the new world.

Apollo’s hop resin bitterness complements fellow USA sourced Comet with its flavours and fantastic aromas of grapefruit and mango.
New Zealand’s Nelson Sauvin reinforces the grapefruit and adds hints of gooseberry to finish proceedings with a regal ascendency.


Style: Hop Infusion
ABV: 5.2%
Colour: Hazy Copper (Unfiltered Cans) / Copper (Cask Aged)
Hops: Apollo, Comet (Both USA) and Nelson Sauvin (New Zealand)
Malts: Maris Otter, Crystal Malt
Allergens: Contains Gluten

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John Bryan – 25 Years

Our very own hop maestro and all round brewing legend John Bryan celebrates 25 years at Oakham Ales on Friday.

John started with us on 16 October 1995 and his inspired brewing has given us Citra, Green Devil and dozens of other great beers.

We’ll let you judge from the photos whether it’s done him much good!

Click HERE for more about John’s USA Hop Adventures.

And HERE for a video of John Hop Diving.

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Mr Hyde – Now Available!

Packed with powerful citrus hops and a dangerous level of bitterness.

Mr Hyde was originally intended to be the alter ego to our planned June 2020 low ABV seasonal beer “Dr Jekyll”.

A Strange Case of Two Very Different Beers ….!

That was the plan at any rate.

Something rather more sinister got in the way of that but whilst “Dr Jekyll” is on hold for a while, Mr Hyde is now available for sale.

Another powerful new addition to our cask aged range.

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